Odyssey Aviation Opens New San Salvador Location

San Salvador, The Bahamas

San Salvador, The Bahamas (May 18, 2015) – Odyssey Aviation, the largest and most trusted provider of general aviation services throughout The Bahamas, announced the establishment of operations at the San Salvador International Airport (MYSM) also known as Cockburn Town Airport.

Odyssey Aviation San Salvador is the first ever FBO (fixed base operation) at the San Salvador International Airport and the fifth location in the Odyssey chain. The sale of fuel and handling to scheduled commercial airlines and general aviation traffic will commence on May 18, 2015. Odyssey constructed a 1200 square foot FBO and a 25,000 gallon Jet A-1 fuel storage facility on the Northside of the parking apron.

The decision to open on San Salvador Island comes due to the anticipation of newly scheduled commercial flights from Europe and Canada. The airlines are promoting visitors to stay at the exclusive Club Med Columbus Isle Resort, the largest of the three resorts on the small island.

“We are excited to increase our presence in The Bahamas and are enthusiastic about supporting the growth of tourism,” says Steven Kelly, President of Odyssey Aviation. “We operate with integrity and efficiency and look forward to a great relationship with the local community.”

San Salvador International Airport is an official port-of-entry with Customs and Immigration and an 8000 foot runway. It is one of the few airports in the Bahamas where aircraft are permitted to land under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) with the approval of the local airport authority thus allowing them to land after sunset.

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