July 26th, 2021: Latest Travel Update for The Bahamas

Please find below update with reference to Odyssey Aviation Bahamas operations and protocols  – Please Note: *All information is subject to change. Our Prime Minister will address our Country on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 2000L.

IMPORTANT UPDATES – New Restrictions in Effect Monday, July 26th, 2021 @0500L/0900Z. See below highlighted in red.

  • To access the complete Emergency Powers (COVID-19 Pandemic)(Management and Recovery) Order, 2021 visit opm.gov.bs.
  • Citizens & Residents Of The Bahamas, Homeowners In The Bahamas and Incoming Visitors – refer to website for protocols https://www.bahamas.com/tourism-reopening


Effective May 1st 2021

  • Fully Vaccinated travelers who have passed the two week immunity period, to enter The Bahamas  you will be exempt from taking a COVID 19 RTPCR test. All residents and travelers must still adhere to the social distancing and mask wearing protocols. Those within The Bahamas that have been fully vaccinated will be exempt from COVID 19 test requirements when traveling throughout the Islands. Passengers are considered fully vaccinated if they received a vaccination certificate: The first Janssen vaccine dose at least 2 weeks before arrival. Or the Second AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine dose at least 2 weeks before arrival. Fully vaccinated travelers are still required to obtain a Travel Health Visa; International travel health visas for fully vaccinated citizens and residents are $10. Domestic travel visas for fully vaccinated travelers are free of charge.
  • For Non-Vaccinated travelers, to enter The Bahamas, negative RTPCR COVID 19 molecular diagnostic test taken no longer than five (5) days from the date on which the test was taken, is required.  (The day the test is taken is considered Day Zero.) The name and address of the lab, where the test was performed, must be clearly displayed on the test result.
  • Once in possession of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test or proof of full vaccination, all travelers will then be required to apply for a Bahamas *Health Travel Visa at travel.gov.bs (click on the International Tab) where the required test must be uploaded. *If technical difficulties are experienced with the Health Travel Visa website, please call (242) 502-0829 or email healthvisa@bahamas.com
  • Passengers and airline crew must have an approved “Bahamas Travel Health Visa” with QR code obtained at www.travelgov.bs
  • Quarantine Requirements- NIL
  • Wear a face mask –  On Aircraft, Entering and Transiting terminals.
  • All persons entering the country is subject to Thermal Temperature Screening.
  • Follow physical distancing directions and hands sanitization requirements.
  • Crew who will be in country over 24hrs will have to follow the protocols of all travelers above.


Exemptionshttps://travel.gov.bs/ – Option on the form  – Exemption Type (If applicable). 

  • Children age ten (10) and under. Must have Bahamas Travel Health Visa to enter.
  • Inter-island travel – FULLY VACCINATED TRAVELERS (No restrictions). UNVACCINATED TRAVELLERS – RTPCR Covid 19 test will be required when travelling from New Providence, Grand Bahamas, North and South Eleuthera including Harbour Island.
  • Pilots and crew of commercial airlines who remain overnight  (24 hrs.) in The Bahamas, Must have Bahamas Travel Health Visa to enter.
  • Crew overnighting for less than 24 hours are required to complete the travel health visa (no charge)
  • UNVACCINATED Crew remaining 24 hours or more are required to have a negative RTPCR COVID-19 test (must be within 5 days) prior to arrival along with a travel health visa.
  • Crew staying for a few hours Technical Refueling/Crew Rest flight are not required to have a COVID-19 test or a travel health visa.
  • The fine for submitting falsified vaccination records is $10,000 or two years imprisonment, or both.
  • Daily curfews will be reinstated on Monday, July 26, 2021 for New Providence, Grand Bahamas, North and Central Eleuthera including Harbour Island from 2200L/0200Z –  0500L/0900Z.
  • The RT PCR COVID-19 test requirement has been reinstated for persons traveling from New Providence, Grand Bahama, North and South Eleuthera including Harbour Island except in the case of fully vaccinated travelers who are exempted from the test requirement.
  • For all non-vaccinated travelers staying 5-nights or more, it is mandatory to take a rapid antigen on day-5. For the avoidance of doubt the date of your arrival is considered day-1. Visitors departing on Day Five will not be required to obtain this test. Boaters who have entered The Bahamas and are out to sea on the fifth day are required to obtain an Antigen Test at the first port of call thereafter. As a condition of entry into The Bahamas, traveler agrees to complete the Daily Health Survey for a period of 14-days beginning on the day of arrival or the duration of a travelers stay, if less than 14 days.
  • A traveler that answers yes to close contact or acknowledges symptoms in response to the Daily Health Survey, are required to immediately take a rapid antigen test at their own expense and must receive a negative result. Should a traveler receive a positive result they will be immediately subject to the quarantine protocols.
  • Compliance with the daily Health Survey is mandatory and those that fail to comply will be subject to penalties.
  • Citizens and residents who refuse to complete the daily Health Survey will be required to submit to a mandatory quarantine at a government identified facility at their own expense.
  • Visitors who refuse to complete the daily Health Survey will be deported.
  • To access the complete Emergency Powers (COVID 19 Pandemic) (Management and Recovery) Order, 2021 visit gov.bs.


From January 26, 2021, all passengers traveling into the United States by air. The CDC requires that all air passengers, ages 2 years and older and including returning American citizens, arriving in The United States by airline (commercial and private) will have to present proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of travel.  The test must be a viral test (NAAT/molecular or rapid antigen test). Proof of immunization will not be sufficient. Be sure to check your specific airline for their exact requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html

Testing locations for re-entering the US at airports where Odyssey Aviation provides services.


MYNN   –   Odyssey Aviation Nassau | MYNN Lynden Pindling International Airport (odysseyaviation.com) – (ON-SITE Testing)

Family Medicine Center will be based in our facility beginning January 26, 2021 providing Covid-19 Antigen testing for our clients by appointment and/or walk-in.  VIP testing available (additional fees apply). https://www.familymedicinecenter.org/covid-test/

MYEM & MYER  – Odyssey Aviation Governor’s Harbour | MYEM Governor’s Harbour International Airport  & Odyssey Aviation Rock Sound | MYER Rock Sound International Airport

Family Medicine Center have  a second location in Eleuthera and provides Covid 19 Antigen and RTPCR Testing via appointments and walk-in at their clinic for persons travelling in and out of MYEM & MYER.



MYEF  –  Odyssey Aviation Exuma | MYEF Exuma International Airport

We have partnered with DI-ARA Comprehensive Medical Center on Main land Exuma and they provide Covid19 Antigen Testing via appointments and walk-in at their clinics for persons travelling in and out of MYEF. Concierge services also available for booking (additional fees apply).

DI-ARA COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL CENTER –(2 Locations) EMERALD BAY & Georgetown,  Exuma – (242) 358-4042 M-F: 9:00AM – 5:00PM | Weekends: Concierge upon request

  • Emerald Bay Plaza, Farmer’s Hill, Great Exuma (Opposite Sandals and Grand Isles)
  • Georgetown, Great Exuma (Directly behind H G Christie, across the street from the Peace and Plenty Hotel)

* Or visit https://travel.gov.bs/www/static/Testing_Page.pdf to find the an authorized testing center nearest your location.



All Ground Handling Requests are to be forwarded via email to the respective location in advance of operation and confirmation received prior to arrival.

MYNN (Nassau)  info.mynn@Odysseyaviation.com  –  0700/1100UTC – 2100L/0100UTC


MYEF (Exuma)  Exuma@odysseyaviation.com

MYEM & MYER (Governor’s Harbour & Rock Sound) frontdeskeleuthera@odysseyaviation.com

After-Hour Operations – Request for flights will be reviewed on a case by case basis – Inbound or Outbound. Prior approval for operation is required.

MYNN – 1901L/0001UTC – 0659L/1159UTC

Family Island Locations – MYEF, MYEM & MYER – 1701L/2201UTC – 0659L/1159UTC

Emergency or Military flights allowed After-Hours.

Before traveling: Please keep checking The Bahamas Government links for updates on the latest news regarding entry protocols, curfews and restrictions.

Requirements can change overnight depending on the Islands that you are visiting.

Please keep checking URL links above and following for updates on the latest news regarding entry protocols, curfews and restrictions.


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We thank you for choosing Odyssey Aviation as your Flight Service Partner and for your continued support.  Kindly review and please do not hesitate to advise should you have any questions.